CST Consultants

Canadian Scholarship Trust or CST Consultants offers quality Registered Education Savings Plans or RESPs that will help ensure a child’s access to higher education in the future. These plans are intended to provide the funds needed to pay for post-secondary education at such a time when their children will be ready to take this important step in their education. With the help of these plans, students who wouldn’t be able to afford to go to college due to the lack of funds will be able to get the education that they long for.

RESPs essentially provide benefactors of students with a savings vehicle with which they could contribute funds toward the payment of a college education. Benefactors are typically family members of students: parents, grandparents, aunts/uncles, or siblings. But they may also be friends of the family or any non-relative who wishes to help a child get a college education. In any case, CST Consultants take care these plans make it easier to pay for the costs of such an education.

The value of RESPs becomes especially apparent when you consider that the cost of post-secondary education–already prohibitive to many people–is rising all the time, and quite dramatically at that. Furthermore, the trend toward higher post-secondary education costs shows no sign of ceasing–or of even slowing down–in the foreseeable future.

Concurrent with the rise in post-secondary education cost is the changing job market that is becoming increasingly specialized and more competitive throughout the years. This has resulted in a corresponding increase in the number of jobs that require a higher degree of learning and more specialized skillsets. In order to meet the demands of the changing job market, getting a college education from a reputable learning institution is essential, CST Consultants is helping you.